Brexit News Archive: 27 Nov 2016

Bank of England prepares to protect City firms from hard Brexit

Governor Mark Carney begins work on transitional arrangements to maintain London's stature in global finance The Bank of England is pushing ahead with plans for transitional arrangements following Brexit negotiations in a bid to protect financial institutions from a cliff edge deal that could undermine their stability. Governor Mark Carney ...
Phillip Inman Economics corrrespondent / Guardian   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 19:32:00

Ireland central bank adds staff for Brexit insurers

Regulator grows by more than 25% as insurers seek new homes
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 16:57:28

Mark Carney plan for Brexit gets cool response from Gove

Leave supporters reject plans reportedly backed by the Bank of England for a Brexit buffer.
BBC   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 15:10:34

Bank of England to reveal stress test results for UK's biggest banks

Snapshot assesses resilience of six banks and one building society as well as risks to post-Brexit financial system The Bank of England is due to provide a snapshot of the strength of Britain's biggest lenders after assessing their resilience to a dramatic economic downturn and sharp fall in house prices. ...
Jill Treanor / Guardian   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 15:05:46

Forecasters have been much too pessimistic about Brexit

Why we should treat the OBR's crystal ball-gazing with scepticism
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 14:48:29

City should stop wasting time on 'Project Fear'

There are promising ideas to make Brexit work for those banks that look for them
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 14:04:52

Carney urges transitional Brexit deal

Bank of England rejects reports of 'secret' plans to keep UK in single market
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 13:25:40

Santander in U-turn over ringfencing plans on Brexit

Complexity of creating two viable standalone banks too difficult with UK leaving EU
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 13:21:21

Banks back London with graduate hiring spree

Recruitment holds up despite Brexit concerns
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 13:09:40

Of course the forecasts are bad: no one has a plan for Brexit

The Leavers somehow managed to deflect the blame for austerity on to 'Europe'. But they are far less convincing about our economic future now The European Union did not cause the 2007-08 financial crisis. The European Union did not instruct George Osborne to introduce an austerity policy which magnified the ...
William Keegan / Guardian   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 07:00:54

'Tide of nationalism' drives pension deficits

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump concern Europe's largest retirement funds
FT   |   Sun, 27 Nov 2016 05:01:52

Britons could pay to keep EU citizenship after Brexit under new scheme

Britons could pay to retain the benefits of European Union citizenship after Brexit under plans being considered by MEPs. The European Parliament's lead Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt said he supported the principle of the idea, which would see UK citizens sending an annual fee to Brussels. The former Belgian prime ...
Press Association / Times of Malta   |   Sat, 26 Nov 2016 14:29:00

Guy Verhofstadt - Britons Could Pay A Fee To Keep EU Citizenship Post-Brexit

This seems like an entirely reasonable idea. After Brexit it should be possible for those who wish to retain European Union citizenship to pay an annual fee to Brussels for said citizenship. And why not? Well, actually, the reason why not is that having such would mean that, from the ...
Tim Worstall, Contributor / Forbes   |   Sat, 26 Nov 2016 10:51:00

F1 relaxed on Brexit as title race reaches climax

Engineers and analysts believe the eight teams based in UK will find it hard to leave
FT   |   Sat, 26 Nov 2016 10:40:16

Western populism is a fundamental threat to the humanitarian system

The mandates of UK and US governments could jeopardise the impartiality of aid, international humanitarian law and hard-won reforms in the sector Brexit and Donald Trump's election as the next president of the United States present clear risks to the system of international humanitarian response. The rise of populism seems ...
András Derzsi-Horváth / Guardian   |   Sat, 26 Nov 2016 10:00:28

GDP growth confirmed in three months after Brexit vote

British businesses continued to invest and consumers carried on spending in the months following the Brexit vote, defying predictions that a wave of uncertainty would hit economic activity.
Here Is The City   |   Sat, 26 Nov 2016 08:06:32

UK GDP Grows 0.5% In Third Quarter - What Brexit Effect?

We were told, before we voted on it, that if we had the temerity to think about leaving the European Union then Britain would be plunged into an immediate recession. There would have to be tax rises and spending cuts, immediate ones, to deal with the disaster. Since we did ...
Tim Worstall, Contributor / Forbes   |   Sat, 26 Nov 2016 06:34:52