Brexit News Archive: 17 Jul 2016

Ross McEwan on Brexit: it's not a banking crisis - RBS has plenty of money

Chief executive of bailed-out bank is optimistic despite referendum result - but, despite an overhaul, profits remain elusive A little after 4.30am Ross McEwan picked up the phone to speak to his colleagues at Royal Bank of Scotland. The chief executive of the bailed-out bank had just learned that the ...
Jill Treanor / Guardian   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 16:12:02

Brexit Minister: Some EU Migrants May Have To Leave UK

LONDON (AP) - Exposing the uncertainties unleashed by Britain's decision to leave the European Union, the U.K. minister in charge of negotiating the divorce said Sunday that most EU citizens in Britain when it leaves the bloc will be able to stay - but some might have to leave. Read ...
TPM   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 14:46:01

Bill Winters, CEO, Standard Chartered

The bank's focus on emerging markets means it could be a relative winner following the Brexit vote
FT   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 14:37:51

The Democrats' demographic firewall is under attack

"Brexit" seemed like a warning. Many in the United States saw a terrifying picture of nativist populism prevailing against a nation's better angels. Was this what America would look like in November? Would we wake up to find President-elect Donald Trump? But just as the panic set in, political...
Carol Anderson / LA Times   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 12:00:00

EU migrants may face 'right to stay' curbs - David Davis

Migrants who come to the UK before it exits the EU may not be given the right to stay, the new Brexit secretary says.
BBC   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 11:16:59

Sunday Selection

BEST OF SEEN ELSEWHERE France 'Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture' at Bataclan Massacre, Louise Mensch Trade Deals. Tax Cuts and Taking Time Before Triggering Article 50. A Brexit Economic Strategy for Britain, David Davis 'The Claws are Never Far Away': Inside the Court of Theresa May, Harry Cole How Theresa ...
Guy Fawkes' blog   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 10:00:04

Brexit minister: Some EU migrants may have to leave UK

The minister in charge of negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union says some EU citizens may not be allowed to stay after the U.K. leaves the bloc
U.S. News   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 09:31:58

The Brexiting British, Donald Trump and globalisation's have-nots

Political events in the US and the UK show working- and middle-class voters are far angrier than establishment leaders realised Two political events that are attracting global attention these days - the vote in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and Donald Trump's presidential campaign in the United ...
Jeffrey Frankel / Guardian   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 08:00:35

Why fintechs like TransferWise are partnering with the banks they used to bash

More and more fintech startups are inking partnership deals with big banks and other corporates. Small business lender Kabbage announced a deal to offer finance to Santander's customers earlier this year, Barclays is working with Swedish bitcoin startup Safello, and online lender OnDeck is working with JPMorgan. Even TransferWise, the ...
Business Insider   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 06:32:00

Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn: Grassroots movements have a place, but they are not the key task of parliamentary opposition

As Labour gears up for another leadership contest, Anne Power makes an appeal to Jeremy Corbyn to stand down. She writes that although she respects him as a good local MP, his divisiveness in the PLP and weak performance during the Brexit campaign indicate he is unsuited to leading the ...
British Politics and Policy at LSE   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 06:00:42

Is Trump Wall Street's Brexit moment?

The rise of Donald Trump coincides with the populist political shift that led to the Brexit vote.
USA Today   |   Sun, 17 Jul 2016 04:08:38

For or against

Research suggests that a person's views on the death penalty and public whipping are a far better indicator of their views on Brexit than their social class and income.
BBC   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 23:52:16

Newspaper headlines: Turkey coup attempt aftermath

Extensive coverage of the failed coup attempt in Turkey, as well as the Nice lorry attacker and Brexit stories, feature on the front pages.
BBC   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 23:26:13

Economic icebergs in the path of Theresa May's government

A number of serious obstacles lie ahead, not least the approach to post-Brexit trade deals There is a deep split in government over the single market and whether it is a prize worth fighting for. Chancellor Philip Hammond has made it clear he believes the UK needs the same access ...
Phillip Inman Economics correspondent / Guardian   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 23:05:25

Great Numbers! Curious Timing?

Submitted by John Rubino via, Pretend you're running a corrupt government and something big and scary happens in another part of the world. Brexit, for instance. You're quite naturally worried about the impact on your local economy and political system. What do you do? Well, one obvious thing would ...
Zero Hedge   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 22:15:00

Clowning on the world stage

The back room deals and shenanigans of forming a post-referendum UK Cabinet are gripping. Like a soap opera, the fortunes and misfortunes of a cast of familiar characters has unfolded through a series of intrigues, twists and short-lived alliances. Once the dust settles, the big Brexit question is what deal ...
Petra Caruana Dingli / Times of Malta   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 22:01:14

Thank you; but no thank you

Those of you who during the past 15 days devoted your time to watching football, or lazing by the sea or cursing the English for Brexit, would have probably missed the stirring of the ecclesiastical pot as a result of the address given by Cardinal Robert Sarah during the opening ...
Fr Joe Borg / Times of Malta   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 22:01:11

The One Key Indicator Pointing To A Bear Market

Submitted by Chad Shoop via The Sovereign Investor blog, On Monday, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average made history when they closed at all-time highs for the first time in more than a year. Many investors are now expecting a modest rally to ensue, as Brexit worries fade ...
Zero Hedge   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 21:05:00

The Women Who Are Cleaning Up

Britain gets a female prime minister, so now politics is like housework?
JULIA BAIRD / NY Times   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 20:10:57

US Election Will Mean And Stocks

Following Brexit, the US election will be the next big confidence shock to hit the global financial markets. That's according to Bank of America economist Ethan Harris who, in a research note sent to clients at the end of last [...]
Value Walk   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 19:34:18

Delta highlighted one of the biggest issues that we'll hear all earnings season (DAL)

As expected, the "Brexit" is continuing to show up in company earnings. Delta Air Lines topped forecasts for profits but missed slightly on operating revenues in the second quarter, its earnings statement released on Thursday showed. The company announced adjusted earnings per share of $1.47 (versus $1.42 expected, according to ...
Business Insider   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 15:21:00

4 Ridiculously Cheap Dividend Stocks To Buy Now - And 1 To Sell

Feel like you missed out on the Brexit bargain hunt? If so, you're not alone. You had to be quick to snap up cheap dividend growth stocks when the S&P 500 plunged 5.7% in the two days following the vote, because five trading days later, it had largely recouped that ...
Brett Owens, Contributor / Forbes   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 14:14:00

MiB: Richard Haass

This week on our Masters in Business podcast, we speak with Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations. Given all of the recent events overseas, this conversation on everything from Terrorism to Trade to Immigration to Brexit could not possibly be more timely. After graduating Oberlin College with ...
The Big Picture   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 14:00:24

How Much Did Attack in France Clip Airline Stocks?

After recovering from a post-Brexit retreat, airline stocks opened lower in the wake of the horrific Bastille Day attack that killed scores of people in France. AAL ALK DAL JBLU LUV UAL 247paul commercial airline
24/7 Wall St.   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 13:40:54

The Yield is Gone - How Advisors can Avoid a "Clexit"

Note: This article is courtesy of By Bill Acheson Remember the phrase "lower for longer" that the market used to use to describe the outlook for US interest rates? In a post-Brexit world, "lower forever" seems more appropriate. The continued, and possible permanent, low interest rate environment worldwide holds ...
ETF Trends   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 12:00:45

Labour MPs Make Complete Ankaras of Themselves

Responding to the coup in Turkey, in which 90 died, protesters were gunned down and over 1,000 were injured, top Corbynista Shadow Cabinet member Jon Trickett said: It's now been deleted. Chris Bryant for some reason decided it was all about Brexit: Turkey is now and has long been a ...
Guy Fawkes' blog   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 08:36:28

Earlier: Preliminary Consumer Sentiment at 89.5 in July

The preliminary University of Michigan consumer sentiment index for July was at 89.5, down from 93.5 in June: "The early July decline in consumer sentiment was due to increased concerns about prospects for the national economy that were mainly voiced by high income households. Prior to the Brexit vote, virtually ...
Calculated Risk   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 00:33:00

DIARY-Top Economic Events to July 28

MONDAY, JULY 18 LONDON- Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee member Martin Weale speaks at the Resolution Foundation event on the topic "The implications of Brexit for monetary policy"- 0815 GMT. ALMERIA, Spain- Bank of Spain Governor Luis Maria Linde to open banking conference in Almeria- 0900 GMT. ATHENS- EU ...
CNBC   |   Sat, 16 Jul 2016 00:01:00

Centrists must embrace anti-elitism or face extinction.

Instead of aping chauvinism, centrists must respond imaginatively to the anti-political sentiment behind Brexit and the rise of far right parties. Centrists politics have lost ground to populist candidates such as Donald Trump. Photo: Gage Skidmore. Flickr. Creative Commons ...'open' versus 'closed' - rather than 'left' versus 'right' - is ...
Open Democracy   |   Fri, 15 Jul 2016 23:00:31

Capitalism Has Entered A New Era-And Historic Returns Are Gone Forever - Janus Capital

Capitalism Has Entered A New Era-And Historic Returns Are Gone Forever by John Mauldin, Mauldin Economics We live in interesting times. We continue to see repercussions from Brexit. The other major players-in Europe, China, and Japan-seem to be in a [...]
Value Walk   |   Fri, 15 Jul 2016 21:55:48

Going upwards

Food, clothing and electrical items are likely to rise in price as a result of Brexit - but bills may not go up until next year
BBC   |   Fri, 15 Jul 2016 21:19:02

Italians reopen rebounding junk market

Two Italian companies confounded expectations and reopened the European high-yield market last week, as an rally overrode concerns over Brexit and even a domestic banking crisis.
IFR   |   Fri, 15 Jul 2016 20:00:00

Why Putin Loves Brexit

In the Russian president’s view, what makes Europe weaker makes him stronger.
ANDREW FOXALL / NY Times   |   Wed, 13 Jul 2016 15:10:59

Can OPEC Supply The Tighter Oil Market It Predicts?

OPEC expects oil demand to remain strong through 2017, but downgraded its assessment because of the Brexit result. In its latest monthly Oil Market Report for July, OPEC sees oil demand rising this year and next, almost exclusively from non-OECD Asia. The OECD, which includes the U.S. and Europe, only ...
Nick Cunningham / Oil Price   |   Tue, 12 Jul 2016 21:51:18

Post Brexit: Why The UK Is No Longer A Place I Want To Do Business

I am British. I also hold a directorship at six UK limited companies. And in August, I was about to become director of a seventh. But those plans are now on ice, thanks to Brexit referendum result.
My Say, Contributor / Forbes   |   Tue, 12 Jul 2016 19:28:00

Criticism of Bank over Brexit should end unless impropriety is proved

Mark Carney may have overreacted in squabble with Jacob Rees-Mogg about referendum but he deserves sympathy By the end of the Treasury select committee's session, Mark Carney looked as if he could happily punch his chief tormentor, the Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg. It was the umpteenth time Carney had been ...
Nils Pratley / Guardian   |   Tue, 12 Jul 2016 18:50:54

Op-Ed Contributor: Brexit and Irish Unity

England voted to leave the E.U., but Northern Ireland didn’t.
GERRY ADAMS / NY Times   |   Tue, 12 Jul 2016 17:48:06

Fed's Stanley Fischer Says Brexit Implications Still Being Evaluated

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer said Friday the Fed will know more by its July meeting about the implications of the so-called Brexit vote for the U.S. economy, and said those effects will be weighed against positive incoming U.S. economic data.
WSJ   |   Fri, 1 Jul 2016 15:32:43

Some Traders See Emerging Markets Coming Back

A week after the U.K. vote to leave the European Union sparked a global market rout, some investors are already betting that emerging markets are on their way back.
WSJ   |   Thu, 30 Jun 2016 20:19:52